Ergonomics, Average man.

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Dr. H.T.E Hertzberg, one of the leading and most distinguished research physical anthropologists:

‘There is really no such thing as an ‘average’ man or woman. There are men who are average in weight or in stature, or in sitting height, but the men who are average in two-dimentions, constitute only 7% of the population… the concept of the ‘average’ man is fundamentally incorrect because no such creature exists.’


My Laptop

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I misplaced my laptop somewhere on London underground so my blogging activity might be slightly reduced over the next few weeks!! DAMN.

Material of Resistance – Contesting the Cultural and Aesthetic ownership of Bamboo.

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So I attended the final Design lecture of term, Monday 28th March 2011. The lecture was all about the value of Bamboo as a material. The lecturer stated that most of us see bamboo as only being useful as a decorative tool eg. for the skin of a building or a light furnish to a facade. As the lecture progressed, I found the fact that Bamboo, the fastest growing grass in the world, had a vast structural potential and could be utilized as a building material. With well over a thousand different varrieties, each with subtle differenes in property, I began to grow an appreciation of the material and its potential in design and structure. I thought that I would post some of the images that I was shown that I thought were inspiring.

The lecturer: Saif Osmanim, Chelsea College of Art graduate.

The Living Daylights Opening Titles.

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So I am posting the opening title sequence to James Bond, The Living Daylights (1987) because of the use of water as a tool for entertainment in combination with text, acting/dancing, lighting, smoke, screen graphic and music. The water contributes to a seductive, clean and dark performance which attracts my attention whilst working on a performance project incorporating water as a key element. The noir -black water ( in the video at 2 minutes,02+) gives a highly reflective surface and when combined with lighting, casts rippled shadows on the womens form. This combination gives a stunning on-screen aesthetic which is uncomplicated. Water, which is connotative of purity, simplicity, clarity and power in itself is seductive. All the more appealing to incorporate in my current work.

Aquabatix underwater performance.

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So whilst continuing my exploration of water and performance, I came across Aquabatix, a company of synchronized swimmers. On their website I came across an interesting piece of performance that one of their swimmers delivered for a promo job for Living TV’s Most Haunted.

Water: An Experiment.

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Peter Zumpthor, Vals, Switzerland.

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Architect Peter Zumpthor’s concept for the mountain side spa in a complex in Vals, Switzerland.

I think that the work that Zumpthor has created is a really exemplary body of architecture.  The Therme Vals project combines materiality, natural form and functionality into one harmonious design. The spa is clean and linear, allowing the user a freedom to travel around the space and explore the building which intersects and surrounds the mountain. The mountain, home to the thermal springs in the Graubundan Canton, Switzerland, dictates the design. The spa is navigated by the natural form of the mountain which enables a harmonious design outcome rather than a piece of architecture that is resistant to that which already exists. The consonance created is ever-present in the material used. Valser Quarzite slabs compliment the surroundings, the purpose of the spa and the water spring in which it contains. The material heightens the reflections that the water casts against the structures that the material is used for. The selective lighting creates a peaceful aesthetic that is easy on the eye and is relaxing. The lighting, in combination with the highly reflective water pools, gives the overall space a subtle glaze which furnishes this tranquil, clean and relaxing space.

therme, vals, switzerland