Hello, my name’s David, studying on the Interior Spatial Design course at Chelsea College of Art. I am currently at the later end of my first year of study and am enjoying the life as a Design student very much. The course, so far, has heightened my understanding of the importance of having a wide knowledge of all the design fields. It has made me aware of how important a purpose for design is as much as finding a narrative within the design process. It has also enabled me the freedom to explore my ideas, design potential and have fun with class mates and tutors that share the same passion for design.

So it is within this effort to explore the things that I find interesting and to showcase the sort of work that I produce, that I have decided to create my first ever, online Blog. Learning about the potential of blogging and what a useful tool it is, makes me excited to reflect on things that inspire me, places that I visit that have a relevance to my work and to design in general, and to exhibit my work online for exposure to criticism and opinion.




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