Hotel Unique Sao Paulo Brazil.

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Below is an image of the pool in the ‘Hotel Unique’ in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Produced by Gilberto Elais Architects and it is an image of interest because of the pool. The pool appears black and has a moody and dark aesthetic because of the rouge illumination. It is a really relevant image in terms of my project because I have been working on creating a diving pool with water that appears black to the eye.



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Final Plan of Diving Pool Performance Space.

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Turner Sketchbook Orthographics.

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Technical Drawings of Performance Space Design Proposal.

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So, after experimenting with the components that I would require for my performance space, and working with the spatial limitations and opportunities, I came up with a final design proposal. I think I have come up with a really practical spatial design that works well with my chosen site. Learning that the definition of the word ‘performance’ is wide, I have been working to create a diving pool available to the public where the user of the pool can be both the performer and audience. ┬áMy experience of diving as a leisure pursuit is that the person watching the dive can be as excited as the person convicting the action.

In an effort to steer away from what I struggle with the most when representing a given object or space orthographically – a flat drawing, I have created a set of plan drawings of both the first and second floor of my design space. I have used light collage and subtle shading which I feel has left my drawings clean, functional and technical; but has also given them something extra which I hope has made them a little more exciting as well as being relevant to my design.


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So I have just popped into school to buy some sheets of foam-board and a muffin, I am sitting in the sunshine preparing to start making my 1:50 model of my site proposal. GET ON IT!!!!!! …….wish me luck……

I joined the club!

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Due to the fact that I lost my old PC on the tube somewhere, I decided that what comes with replace comes with upgrade and I have now bought a shiny, glorious MacBook Air!!!!